Thursday, October 6, 2011


There was fire beneath his eyes,
Running blindly never looked to the sky,
Rage wasn’t the quality he possessed ,
It was the love for her for which he was obsessed.

Moving up and down, round and round,
Those steps were the only things left for him on that ground,
Push the limits to reach , yet he drowned,
But he still knew the force of that sweet sound.

Dignity and pride was all he searched for,
Then came calling that strange love,
Love that never seemed to be the sea shore.

I tried to fill those gaps with those memories,
But my wounds hurt me so much, they were fresh,
Tried to pluck every thorn from deep inside of my flesh.
Along every came out my blood,

I wish I could be with you, every moment,
Your presence flash through my nerves every second.


seher said...

helps me put all the pieces of puzzle together..brilliant ....subtle yet so touching ..

Nishant Mohan said...

It was the love for her for which he was obsessed...... :)