Friday, October 7, 2011

Day in the Dog's Life

Running like the dog chasing the speeding car,
the highway was pretty long and gave him big scars
never knew what he sought in the burning tyres
they left him with his feet burning in fire...

It wasn't the freedom he searched for every single of his chases
no one knew what he was running for...
there were miles he had forged under his knees...
but with the blunt end of the roads he got bruised for the paths he beseiged...

with the flying hubcaps hit his eyes,
he raised a brow and everything seemed to fly,
hit by the far side motionless swinging to catch a breathe,
it wasn't his fault to catch the burning flames to the journey on the other side of that road.

crying and whining was the story of the followings,
all he was carrying a bag full of mixed emotions and feelings,
with all the excess baggage of heart felt sorry state, heavy, burdened,
he was left with nothing but to throw all into the running along river of life.

Now for he was free and riding high, chasing his shadow this time,
he had all the time in this world to catch a glimpse of his deeds and crimes,
rolled up, puffed up, shot and high,
the big dog had his brows up and drove his parked car in sigh....


seher said...

i'm amazed to see you can see the deterministic choices life has got to offer us .

Nishant Mohan said...

It is all about the switch I was mentioning to you at T Shop...