Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Highlighted Brightness

Moon light rake, sun rise awake, falling ,
raining above the high, my eyes are gloomy and wide,
shot on the narrow ridge of the hill,
he hung to the dirty skirise in the falling sky

everlusted paradigms of the trusted soul of the shanty hollows
falling above thee rested beneath the crest

ever out for the free falling motions less creed ,
wonder in the everest for not the abrupted heads,
greenier highlighted pastures in the sins,
all i cry for the man and ever increasing greed,

in the snow flakes and the hasty fall,
stranger passed on the potiential winner of the seed,
cried every man and his feasts,
call me I m the best one can,,

No one tries and no one cries.......

1 comment:

seher said...

'No one tries and no one cries..' - what an observation ..
to rest it will seem so negative (of how you can so easily belittle a persons efforts and tears, which apparently is considered ruthless) but i can see the bitterness ,one carries when wounded. so it makes a lot of sense to me , as in of how trivial and hollow these efforts and tears are in real, backed by selfish interests . not visible to a naked eye, the brightness in it is so blinding that it takes almost a third eye to see the gloomy black hole which is being rather than glaze which is so created.

i kinda dont exactly gel with all the words but thats how i read this one .