Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Professional Lust

Professional Lust

From the first drop of the hot shower,
To the last sip of the wine,
She feels the senses in her body,
Chilling, running down the spine.
She runs down the hallway, wraps him in her arms,
They plunge in the darkness of their fire,
The divine kiss, spreads their wings,
Burnt every ounce of energy in the body, they breathe back.
Morning, and she wakes up alone,
Looks up, everywhere, only to find her clothes thrown,
Snorts up her last stuff,
And another day passes, waiting for another one to come.


seher said...

you know all the co incidences with this poem.. you painted a picture with words...'it turned the page to the eleventh minute'...
you know what i mean but you dont know what i want to give you for this one - RESPECT . :)

Nishant Mohan said...

Seriously.. but is it that good... I m just a learner... trying to achieve things,... :)