Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sinner Man

Sinner Man
Rush of the blood down the pipe,
Burns the guts of that sinned insane,
Smoked the full pot of weed,
The smokes reached his nose drain,
Dissolved every part of his flexible brain.
Star gazing, moon raking, heavens asking and eyes fixing,
Fixing his glares to those burning flares,
Which reach the fluids in his brains?
Stimulus shot and ran through the nerves and he couldn’t refrain,
Nice feeling hit his forehead his temple, sweet emotion.
Rinsed in his sweat, panic, shock stricken overdosed,
Drowned in his own piss, was a stage he couldn’t face his eyes,
Walked a long mile just to breathe,
High, stoned could see everyone around him bleed,
Scary trip,took him deep in that never ending long lasting abyss.
“It is not necessary how much you get high,
What is necessary is that if you get high or not?”

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