Thursday, October 6, 2011


The journey to the disillusioned centre,
Framelessly circling in that narrow drain,
Encircling the dilemma of the strange ,
Push it deep inside of your brain.

I cannot stop them to be around you,
It’s you that sets them free,
Why don’t we realise it’s only you,
The clouds and the churches, white and solid yet so empty,
Don’t force love out of your creed.

Remembrance , of you, of your thoughts,
Calling those old memories out and those moments we caught,
Resting in your eyes, hope the picture is mine,
Because I am the soul, my heart carries the image of you every time,

Dimly the flames bleed away,
Things carve out on that stone like a blaze,
Forget me, don’t punish, love is not gone, it’s just a phase,
Behave not like I was just another of yours doubtful craze.

Gush out, move out, just don’t freeze on me,
Active my imaginations for your passive thoughts,
Break in to the puzzles apart, disperse in the storm,
Explode into the darkness, and let me go home,
I am not a miser, It’s I don’t know how to control.


seher said...

LOVED IT ....Its So you all i know...could feel the words literally gushing out of your throat :)

Nishant Mohan said...

True... wrote it long back..