Thursday, June 16, 2016

Scrambled Love

Yet another day to mark the glorified end, shining,
The beginning in the start had its own charm, captivating,
So matching the energy of the self lived up to the charm,
Wonder ever nothing could happen do any harm,

Cradling inside out of the narrow hole,
Blocking through the windows there are souls whole,
For that withering within the leaves are yet to be blown,
So what, dance, dance all the way to the corners unknown

And then when she raises the head above out of the glass she held,
The air bent to the shiniest glow captured raisins in the bend,
Dimensions of the afterglow captured inside the smile,
Rising slowly with her mist and the hidden cries,

The rapture and the true spirit of the lost river,
I ran to her to carry the smile she had kept in her bosom,
It was the nocturnal moment of the divine pacifications,
Covered in so many yet so faked love emotions.

Its the dust that covers the smile that was long last amidst the crude memories.

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