Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Measured in Love

Countering the glooming happiness over the fretted clouds,
Undermining in the deep shadows are left within the peddling shrouds,
Uproarious and unsettling thoughts jumped all around the moat,
Measured in units of love to draw the ladder from her boat.

Richness in the thick skin to pierce within the smile,
Following the racing air out of words was becoming agile,
A merciful glance and the soft touch compensated the burden,
It was much more than to it than to the sought of hurdle,

Hoping to set the pace right, again, only not to nauseate this time,
Chaos was not an option, not loving her was the biggest crime,
Clamped back to how perfect it was or  rather how it seemed,
It was always there for I was blind to see how it appealed,

How it begins, and blossoms in to the sweet bosom of the smiles,
Without any fret, It was the same love ready for the miles,
It was the gold I struck within the mines full of dirt,
Just the way to feel every day as a new birth.

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