Monday, January 18, 2016

Eyes that Lie

For the many strokes raised on the brush,
The wine was so strong to push for the rush,
The knife went to tight to put a fight for the right,
And I want to put of the discontinuation of that tight, the conclusion had its own might. 

Standing in line virtuous of the reality good god bring light on thee,
For eternity cant be staggered to bring light to make us free,
Steeper we dance and plenty we aim to quench the thirst of the love,
It rises above the flames in the bones of contention of the rising dove,

Docked beneath the bosom of your love and the madness,
Human after all which we perceive to the truth and happiness,
Hello, lets dive in the ocean and its pull and rinse our sins,
Wash away to the shore with arms fresh with newly built fins!!!

Breathe within, built the holes in whole to bite the fruit,
Subtle in the growth of the dominant feelings of the budding root,
Its all about the eyes in what you see,
For deep down we dive its life for what we perceive!!

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